Natural Element Ceremonies
Rev. Scarlett Mullikin
 aka the Wild Child Reverend

  Crafting Your Day of Bliss

Love is Love. Make your ceremony the event of your dreams!!

Whether you want a simple gathering of only a few or a big celebration, let's have fun with it! I offer more than just sweet traditional ceremonies.

Ceremonies with a little flair or sass are perfect.

Want a full-out Themed ceremony? I'm game! Rather, a Period-style? I am very comfortable with Rens Faire, Old World Celtic, 17th- 18th century, SteamPunk, Gothic, Pagan, Elemental, Biker, etc (and attire to complement those notions).

Special features - Extra Elements as I call them, such as Hand-fasts, Candle Lighting, Sand Ceremony, Jump the Broom, Wine Box, etc., are welcomed.

I welcome any & all LGBTQ+ folks. I also am offering Commitment Ceremonies, if that best fits your needs (polyamory folks).  


I am a Non-Denominational Minister, with a diverse, eclectic background.

I am able to offer secular, or a wide range to honor your faith preference or Heritage traditions. I have a strong reverence for honoring nature, and a belief in coexistence and equality for all humans. Love Equality for all Adults.


Rev. Scarlett Mullikin - Natural Element Ceremonies

   Not Everyone's Cup of Tea, But Certainly Someone's Shot of Whiskey!